Sounds; some other stuff

May 22, 2016

The last two posts have been specifically about the Recurse Center- what I did before I went there and what I did while I was there. I have one more queued up about that... specifically some advice to people who are getting ready to have a batch. As luck would have it, a new batch starts this week, actually, so I decided to wait a few days to post that one.

In addition to programmering stuff, I also fully intend to post on here about other projects, subjects, and things. And though I have a bunch of drafts ready to go (mostly about programming), I don't want to forget that I don't have to write some opus everytime I post anything at all.

With that in mind, I'm posting a video today of a folk trio called (so inventively) "Toby, Jeff, and Megan" that I love being a part of. It is the first of three videos we made when Toby and I visited Megan a few months ago at her home in Cleveland to do a house concert. This one is of a song of Toby's called "Odysseus" which we had also recorded last year.