Polaroids Story

January 6, 2013

Well, Mara, they're mine, from a series I did last year futzing with old polaroids. If I had the inclination I would say "distressing expired filmstock."

That was last year around this time, or a little later, in a burst of uncharacteristically fretless output, that I'd like to get to more often, pun intended and I mean both ways this is a poorly written sentence.

Mostly I pressed the chemicals around in there using a wacom stylus and a flat edge on a salt shaker. I've always been rotten at drawing, but this was mostly abstract enough for me to do it. I really loved the effect so I made about 60 of them, although the vast majority are, shall we say, aesthetically inferior ahemcrapahem... but enough turned out to make it worth the time.

There is also something rattling around in my brain about being open to inspiration from unconventional media, like when my microwave hums a closed position major seventh chord, which is really weird cause it only does that when I put vegetarian gyoza in there... go figure...

I finished a nine panel one that the title bar is taken from first:

And then made I think 5 or 6 to mail to some folks, but I don't remember who got what, so maybe let me know in the comments.

Also, best of luck with your own V-I, we're all in this together.