One hundred days

April 21, 2014

Today is the one hundredth consecutive day that I have pushed to github. In fact, this very post is the push that ticked that box. My original plan was to grow my gnarly beard until I made it...


...but I couldn't stick to that one; it's probably for the best.


One hundred days! A sea of green!! Coming in to Hacker School, this was one of the only concrete goals I had- I didn't know for sure what I would be focusing on, but I knew I wanted to remain productive. Even though some of those days are nothing more than setting up a repo for a project I had been thinking about, I did managed to keep to my goal- and most of them are full of real, productive commits.

I do wish I had been blogging more, through the whole experience, but honestly- it really took all of my time and energy to keep coding. Also, it's only really right now that I have finally set up a site that I like with a workflow that sits well on a url that is actually my name. And now, armed with hindsight, I think I'll be able to write a little more eloquently about the process and experience I have had here, even if some of the details are smudged over... (but spoiler: it was, and remains (still a couple of weeks left, after all! (plus alumni week (which totally counts (can you tell I've been learning a lisp?)))) a truly, and profoundly rewarding, and life-altering experience, and I look forward to writing deeply about that very much).

In the meantime, this is the post that was the commit that was the push that achieved a tangible goal. Woot!