New Posts

July 23, 2013

I will not let this blog go to its grave with only a few posts. I can do this. I can find a reason to write something, and then something else, and then something else.

What's been happening? So, so much. All at once. I have a million things in my head, project wise, and many of them are not even just unrelated but are in completely unrelated fields. That's a good thing; I've always been a fan of learning a lot of different things, and a huge critic of that stupid old "jack of all trades" chestnut (that would be a good post, actually...) - but it is also pretty hard to keep everything in my head all at once when it becomes tenuous and difficult to connect all the dots together. I can certainly have some sympathy for picking one thing and barreling ahead with it...

Ok, so. A new show with Megan on Tuesday the 8th. Once again at Shapeshifter (excellent room!) but this time with a stripped down band, just strings and small rhythm section. And Megan, of course.

Despite bleeding snot from my face the other night, I played bass with Toby Singer with HIS album release show at Littlefield...

And it was good. More on that later, probably touring a little in October!

Lest I leave out one of the more exciting things done during the blog blackout... I also played some guitar for Jared Saltiel...

Re: photography, I've recently done a couple of photoshoots for excellent and talented friends' albums:

Steve Picataggio - fantastic and swinging drummer and UNBELIEVABLY nice dude- looking forward to hearing that one!

and Kelly Ash - Kelly has great pitch!! I need to get a copy of this one too... (full disclosure: I also sang some vocal harmonies on this one!)

what else, what else... A photo I took of Tenor Saxophonist Ted Brown was printed in the June issue of JazzTimes! Unfortunately it is only in the print edition, but if you see the issue take a look at it.

Ok, I have to go RIGHT NOW to teach. But in the interest of notching down the perfectionism, I'm going to go ahead and post this one and finish it up later with another post.