Farvel til alt det

July 26, 2017

September update: After a short but intense job hunt, I'm happy to say I'll be starting work with Peakon at their beautiful office in Copenhagen in a few weeks! Thanks to all who shared and read this post, it was a vast help to me.

After 9 years in New York, I am leaving for good on August 1st, when I'll be moving to Copenhagen with my wife and cat.

I came here with what were in retrospect some pretty vague ideas about what I wanted to do, and I did some of that, and I did a bunch of other things I could have never predicted. One of those things was "become a computer programmer," the decision to do so I maintain to be one of the most personally positively impactful ones I have ever made and likely ever will make in my life. I have limitless thanks for the Recurse Center, Etsy and the many colleagues at both who helped to make that transition not only possible but also totally joyful.

I'll be looking for engineering work in the coming weeks and months. I'm hoping to find a job somewhere that is...

  • small enough for me to have a big impact on but big enough to offer a measure of stability1

...and that is...

  • working on something familiar enough for me have an immediate impact at a senior level but also on something that I could learn a lot from.

I am open to working remotely if it's the right situation, but I think I would probably be happier, more productive, and benefit more from working IRL in Copenhagen right now.

At Etsy I primarily worked as a product engineer on Etsy Manufacturing, a matchmaking service intended to connect makers with manufacturers who have the tools and knowledge to help them scale up their businesses in a sustainable and transparent way. Here's a New York Times article that was written about it when we initially launched.

While there, I split pretty evenly between the front and back ends. Sometimes I describe this as "full stack" but I always add airquotes and equivocate on what exactly I mean by that, since it's kind of a loaded and yet weirdly inspecific term. I also had many opportunities to be exposed to a lot of other tools and stacks and types of work, from data analytics and A/B testing to infrastructure and operations. Ask me about any of those things!

You can find many examples of my personal projects, communication and pedagogical styles, and thought process on this blog. I think my favorites right now are The Mandelwat Set, which was republished in DailyJS, the Sild series, for which I wrote about 80,000 words on implementing an interpreted lisp from scratch, and How React Do?, which is my attempt to figure out React from something resembling first-ish principles.

Here's my resume. Please note that I've included many hyperlinks in the PDF.

I like to work on interesting products that people use, and I love to both learn and teach. If you know anyone in Copenhagen who I should talk to, please let me know! I'll also be at the Polymer Summit on August 22-23 and available to talk then.

1 As a former full time musician, my idea of "stability" is probably way, way less stable than yours for most values of $you. What I really mean here is "Can reasonably be expected to offer 2-3 years of some amount of job security."