Derple Derp: the hot new social network

November 11, 2013

Have you heard of Derple Derp? It's the hottest new thing to hit the social networking scene.

Not really.

Really, it's the title I gave the Hartl Rails Tutorial Sample App on the version of it that I made so that it didn't say "SAMPLE APP" in huge, giant, letters on every page load while I was working in coffee shops or the Wix lounge. I decided to keep it that way... everything else is exactly the same as the canonical Sample.

It was definitely a kick in the ass towards the end... I really should have studied up a little more on basic HTTP and maybe taken some looks through the Rails Guides  before tackling it, but it was an immensely worthwhile thing to do. Not only do I have a general overview of a huge swath of rails's built in functionality, but it was just plain good practice jumping around directories and getting used to the structure of a good app- rails or otherwise. Test driven development was completely new to me, and I can totally see the benefit of goal driven workflows especially when you might be working with multiple people. Not so sure I like rspec much, though... but that just could be because I'm not very good at it yet.

In a way, the whole tutorial provide a sort of mirror to itself by illustrating a large "goal" to be pursued by a n00b dev. I have a much clearer picture in my mind of what the framework is capable of and generally how it goes about doing things, even if a lot of the specifics are a little bit foggy- and I have been using the guide as a reference if I want to try to implement something that I remember being covered in it.

You can see it here- hell, you can even sign up for an account. It does actually work.