Hott reloading
WebAssembly sections, part 2
Wat is up with WebAssembly
How Zig Do?
s3, Hugo, and static asset hosting
Mapping the Monado
Farvel til alt det
Fizzbuzz is a Jazz Standard
Calling a C function from Rust
The Mandelwat Set
A Small Musical Proof
Hello 2017
Advent of Learning About MD5 and OpenCL
Adventure of Advent of Code
Sound from nowhere
How Rust Do?
How React Do?
Dialog with an intern, or, alternately, some random unixy tips and tricks
Sild; In closing, closures (or, lambdas p.2)
Sild; lambdas p.1
Sild; save the environment
Sild; step in the stream
Sild; we're gonna Make it after all
Sild; header files and a refactoring
Sild; booleans and conditionals
Sild; arity checking and rich error messaging
Sild; storing built in functions
Sild; implementing some built in functions
Sild; apply
Sild; an initial eval
Sild; match those parens
Sild; typedeffed enums have a benefit!
Sild; read more good
Sild; actual lists
Sild; Reading substrings
Sild is a list?
Sild is a lisp dialect
Structs and Unions
C and Simple Types
Advice for Recursers
Sounds; some other stuff
What I did at the Recurse Center
How I went to the Recurse Center
Hey, a lot of posts!
monome part bi
monome part mono
Into the cloud- a quick AWS primer
a simple gene
One hundred days
On Typing
Again, and forever and ever, a blog
Recursion in 3 steps
A song
week one
it is as a long corridor
Some more tracks from Jordan's and my duo
Rubyks, the solver methods
Rubyks, a gem
Derple Derp: the hot new social network
fizzbuzz in brainfuck, part 3
"The Chorder" prototype
fizzbuzz in brainfuck, part two
fizzbuzz in brainfuck, part one
August 8, 2012
The story so far
Jason Saltiel's "Wait Until the Night"
The Tower of Learning
Top 5000
How Brainfuck Works
I'll Come Back Someday
A couple more tracks from that duo gig with Jordan
Days of Wine and Roses
Portishead tribute "Live at Roseland" live at Le Poisson Rouge
New Posts
The first post that I'm not going to write...
Polaroids Story